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KP-15 Captured Fire Control Pins

KP-15 Captured Fire Control Pins - 1-61-02-010
KP-15 Captured Fire Control Pins - 1-61-02-010
Brand: KE Arms
Item #: 1-61-02-010
Availability: IN STOCK
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Price: $19.95


Captured fire control pins for the KP-15.

The hammer pin area of the KP-15 Polymer Receiver is wider than traditional receivers.

Ideal for use with cassette triggers that do not have retention of the pins built in.  Dual screw design allows the user to secure any fire control group that fits in the KP-15.  

1 Long Hammer Pin
1 Standard Trigger Pin
2 1/16" Allen Wrenches
4 Screws*

These pins are not required for use with the DMR, SLT-1, SLT-2, or Mil-Spec Fire Control Groups.  They can however be used together.

*use of blue thread locker is recommended on screws.

Read about KP-15 match trigger compatibility here.

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